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The newly constructed, modern and spacious Learning Resource Centre (Central Library) of IMSEC was inaugurated by Hon’ble Prof.   Kripa Shanker Vice Chancellor, Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow on 21st April, 2012. Prof. Kripa Shanker was all praise for the library and said: “This Institute is committed to provide world class facilities”. This unique Central Library is the first and the only      one of its kind among the academic libraries established by private colleges in NCR region. It is housed in fully air-conditioned building (6870 sq. ft) which works as a single gateway towards the ocean of knowledge resources.

The salient features of Learning Resource Centre are :

1. Rich collection of electronic resources which includes 8186 e- journals and 2090 e-books from IEEE (EE, EEE and CS), Springer (EE and CS), J-Gate (S&T), ELSEVIER (SD),  Wiley Blackwell (Civil),      Springer (ME),      Elsevier (BT),      J-Gate (Management), Pro-Quest (Management), (McGraw-Hill), ASTM Digital Library and NPTEL learning resources. The Institute also has the subscription of Nature, the world's    most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal according to the 2010   Journal Citation Reports Science Edition (Thomson Reuters, 2011).    Its Impact Factor is 36.101.

2. Fully   computerized   ( i.e. acquisition,  technical processing,  circulation,  book  reservation and   stock   verification are done by Library Management Software) and classified according to International Classification Schemes (DDC).

3. RFID Card driven system for smooth functioning and maintaining library statistics.

4. Online OPAC system and Library Website. (Click Here)

5. State of art Multimedia Centre and NPTEL Learning Resources.

6. Reprographic facilities and two reading rooms.

7. DELNET Facility.

8. Open Access and Stack Index.

9. Digital Library.

10. IMSEC Library is member of British Council Library, Delhi.

Engineering, Computer, Electrical & Electronics

IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP)

Wiley Computer Science
Wiley AICTE Computer Science Data System&
Telecommunications Collection


Access Engineering from McGraw-Hill
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J-Gate Engineering & Technology (JET)
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Computer Science Engineering
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ASTM International
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Civil & Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering & Construction
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Wiley Collections

Mechanical Engineering
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Springer Titles

Scientific American
Scientific American Mind
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Biotechnology & Microbiology
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J-Gate Social & Management Sciences
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ProQuest Management Collection
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NPTEL Video Lectures

Major Recruiters at IMS Engineering College, Ghaziabad