Students of CS branch participated in Smart Odisha Hackathon with their project titled “Post-Harvest Crop Management System Using IOT and AI” held at Bhubaneswar, 13- 15 November, 2018. They won overall first prize and got Rs.1.25 Lakh cash money along with participation certificate, winning trophy and Memento.
Team Members:
1. Chakshu Sharma (CS IV Year)
2. Astha Singh (CS III Year)
3. Deepali Srivastava (CS III Year)
4. Medha Gupta (CS III Year)
This project aims to develop a high cost-effective system for food supply chain management system and connect our farmers, crop storage owners and government. The proposed solution uses IoT & AI enabled technology to monitor the food (crops) stored in the supply chain inventories. It provides status about the quality (state of deterioration) and estimate stock value/price of stored crop based on the environmental conditions of the storage unit. This solution helps in reducing workman hours and minimizing human error.
Commercial Applications:
Cold storages condition in India are pathetic and crops face 20-30% of post-harvest losses. This loss can be compensated by using cold storages with IoT and AI application so that the farmer/cold storage owner and government face less loss and therefore can optimize the income and decrease the post-harvest losses.